Ouvrage : Electronic Cities: Music, Policies and Spaces in the 21st Century
Ce livre examine les scènes de musique de danse électronique (EDM) dans 18 villes d'Afrique, du Moyen-Orient, d'Europe, d'Asie, d'Amérique du Nord et d'Australie. Il se concentre sur le développement historique de ces scènes, en mettant l'accent sur le contexte post-2000, y compris la pandémie COVID-19 et ses effets de grande envergure. Les contributeurs experts soulignent l'influence des contextes géographiques, ainsi que des histoires culturelles et politiques, dans le développement des scènes EDM grand public et des cultures underground de musique de danse électronique. Cet ouvrage de grande envergure offre un aperçu supplémentaire des politiques culturelles et créatives, des interventions de planification et des réglementations associées à la gestion de la vie nocturne, et fournit une analyse détaillée des défis actuels inhérents à la gouvernance des scènes EDM dans les villes contemporaines.

This book examines Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scenes in 18 cities across Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, North America and Australia. It focuses on the historical development of these scenes, with an emphasis on the post-2000 context, including the COVID-19 pandemic and its far-reaching effects. Expert contributors highlight the influence of geographical contexts, as well as cultural and political histories, in the development of mainstream EDM scenes and underground Electronic Dance Music Cultures. This expansive work offers additional insights on cultural and creative policies, planning interventions and regulations associated with nightlife management, and provides a detailed analysis of current challenges inherent to the governance of EDM scenes in contemporary cities.

Electronic Cities: Music, Policies and Spaces in the 21st Century is a welcome contribution to the ‘urban turn’ in popular music studies. It moves beyond the analysis of styles and venues, setting musical practice within complex networks of policy, economic history and metropolitan politics. These fascinating case studies take us beyond the self-proclaimed ‘capitals’ of electronic music, into a rich variety of cities whose abandoned urban spaces became breeding grounds for music seeking to invent new futures.” (Will Straw, Professor of Urban Media Studies, Department of Art History and Communications Studies, McGill University, Montreal)
Electronic Cities: Music, Policies and Spaces in the 21st Century brings a new perspective to understanding urban development and urban cultural policy-making. The book uncovers an incredible variety of stories and scenes from cities around the globe to help us better understand how music shapes the city and how the city shapes music.” (Carl Grodach, Foundation Professor of Urban Planning and Design, Monash University)
“This new edited collection provides a brilliant insight into the dynamic relationship between electronic dance music cultures and the cities from which they emerge. It investigates the myriad ways in which subcultural narratives are woven into the fabric of a city and how the struggle for space is played out in, on and under its streets. At a moment when the night-time economy is under such threat, this is a handbook for survival.” (Alice O’Grady, Professor in Applied Performance, University of Leeds, UK)
Mis à jour le 23 juin 2021