La SFR Territoires finance la relecture d’articles scientifiques interdisciplinaires (principalement en langue anglaise) sur les axes de travail de la structure.
  • Natural and Environmental Amenities: A Review of Definitions, Measures and Issues in Ecological Economics, Schaeffer Yves, Dissart Jean-Christophe, 2018.
  • Ambience and controversy: methods to improve risk communication in Sociology and Anthropology , Okamura Cintia, Lolive Jacques, Romieu Patrick, Thibaud Jean-Paul, Tixier Nicolas, 2018.
  • Characterizing and evaluating rival discourses of the ‘sustainable city’: Towards a politics of pragmatic adversarialism in Political Geography, Griggs Steve, Hall Stephen, Howarth David, Seigneuret Natacha, 2017.
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